Dr. Xiaochu Wu
Comparative Biomedical Sciences (CBS)

  • The role of golli protein in insulin secretion of pancreatic beta cells, LSU-SVM-CORP, $10,000.00
  • Conversion of somatic cells to pluripotent stem cells by auxin stimulation., LSU-SVM, $10,000.00
Journal Article, Academic Journal:
  • Accelerated Progression of Hodgkin’s-like Lymphoma in Golli Deficient Mice, Ouyang, Suidong; Han, Guangming; Wu, Xiaochu; Jiang, Zhengfan; Feng, Ji-Ming, 2016, Cellular Immunology , Volume: 302, Pages: 41-49
  • On Further Understanding of Interaction of Pristine Carbon Nanotubes with Hemoglobin, Serum and H2S. , Wu, Xiaochu; Wu, L; Zhang, W, 2013, J Nanomater Mol Nanotechnol , Volume: 2, Number: 2, Pages: 3
  • Competitive electroporation formulation for cell therapyCompetitive electroporation formulation for cell therapy, Wu, Xiaochu; Flanagan, Mark; Gimble, J; Yu, G; Xia, X; Hu, J; Yao, Shaomia; Li, Shulin, 2011, Cancer Gene Therapy , Volume: 18, Number: 8, Pages: 579-586