Dr. Thomas Klei
Pathobiological Sciences (PBS)

  • Merial Veterinary Scholars Research Grant Program, Merck Merial, $15,000.00
Journal Article, Professional Journal:
  • ESTABLISHMENT OF MACROCYCLIC LACTONE RESISTANT DIROFILARIA IMMITIS ISOLATES IN EXPERIMENTALLY INFECTED LABORATORY DOGS, Malone, Jr, John; Pulaski, Cassan; Bourguinat, Catherine; Prichard, Roger ; Ward, Danielle; Klei, Thomas; Pariaut, Romain; Carmichael, James; Schenker, Rudolf ; Pepping, Jenny; Bova, Jon; Smith, George; Guidry, Tal, 2014, Parasites and Vectors , Volume: 7, Pages: 494
Scientific Abstract:
  • The establishment of macrocyclic lactone resistant dirofilaria immitis isolates in experimentally infected laboratory dogs, Pariaut, Romain; Pulaski, Cassan; Malone, Jr, John; Ward, Danielle; Klei, Thomas; Bourguinat, Catherine ; Pritchard, Roger; Carmichael, James ; Schenker, Rudolf, 2013