Dr. Weishan Huang
Assistant Professor
Pathobiological Sciences (PBS)

Dr. Huang completed her BS in Biology and BE in Economics at Tsinghua University in China, her MS in Cell & Developmental Biology at Penn State University, and her PhD in Pharmacology and Postdoctoral Fellowship in Immunology at Cornell University. In January 2018, Dr. Huang was appointed Assistant Professor of Immunology at Louisiana State University.
For more information of the Huang lab, please visit: https://weishanhuanglab.org .

Teaching Interests:
PBS 7003 Special Topics—Molecular and cellular mechanisms of host responses to infection;
VMED 5172 Veterinary Immunology.

 Awards & Honors:
  • 2021 AAI Careers in Immunology Fellowship (PI: Weishan Huang; Fellow: Michael McGee)
  • 2021 Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence
  • 2020 AAI Early Career Faculty Travel Grant
  • 2019 AAI-IUIS Travel Award
  • 2019 FASEB SRC-Autoimmunity Poster Award
  • 2019 AAI Early Career Faculty Travel Grant
  • 2019 AAI Public Policy Fellowship
  • 2018 AAI Travel For Techniques Award
  • 2018 AAI European Congress of Immunology Travel Award
  • 2018 Faculty Scholarship, Summer Institute on the Future of Graduate Studies at LSU
  • 2018 AAI Early Career Faculty Travel Grant
  • PhD Cornell University
  • Signaling regulation of immune homeostasis , MegaRobo, Principal Investigator, 01/2020-12/2029,
  • Markers and regulation of regulatory CD8+ T cells during influenza-induced lung immunopathology, NIH/NIAID R01, Principal Investigator, 07/2021-06/2026,
  • A rapid and sensitive technology for direct sensing of intact SARS-CoV-2 virions using designer DNA nanostructure probes and a smartphone fluorimeter, NIH/NIBIB R21, Co-Investigator, 09/2021-09/2023,
  • Regulation of IL10 production in CD8+ T cells during flu infection by tyrosine kinase ITK, NIH/NIAID R01, Co-Investigator, 06/2018-05/2023,
  • Detection and Automatic Privacy-Protected Contact Tracing System Designed for COVID-19, NIH/NIAAA U01, Co-Investigator, 12/2020-11/2022,
  • ITK signaling in tissue resident memory T cell development and function in flu-associated pulmonary sequelae, AAI Careers in Immunology Fellowship, Principal Investigator, 09/2021-08/2022,
  • Heterogeneity and molecular signatures of therapeutic T cells in allergic airway inflammation, NIH/NIAID R56, Principal Investigator, 12/2019-11/2021,
  • Project 2: TCR signaling in IL-10 production by CD8+ T cells during influenza-induced lung immunopathology, NIH/NIGMS P20: LSU-Center for Lung Biology and Disease, Principal Investigator, 01/2019-08/2021, $770,778.00
  • GCN2 signaling in pathogenic and regulatory T cell development in allergic airway inflammation, NIH/NIAID R21, Principal Investigator, 06/2018-05/2021, $407,000.00
  • A novel murine model of allergic airway inflammation, NIH/NIAID R21, Co-Principal Investigator, 06/2018-05/2020, $443,292.00
  • Itk signaling and Type 1 regulatory T cell differentiation and function in allergic airway inflammation, NIH/NIAID R21, Co-Principal Investigator, 12/2017-11/2019, $431,021.00
  • ITK signaling in type 2 innate lymphoid cell-mediated pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis, LSU-SVM, Competitive Research Program (CORP), Principal Investigator, 06/2018-01/2019, $9,200.00
  • T cell signals in immune balance and host survival during T. gondii infection, NIH/NIGMS: LSU-Tulane Center for Experimental Infectious Disease and Research, Principal Investigator, 05/2018-01/2019, $50,000.00
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