Dr. Weishan Huang
Assistant Professor
Pathobiological Sciences (PBS)

 Awards & Honors:
  • 2019 AAI Early Career Faculty Travel Grant
  • 2019 AAI Public Policy Fellowship
  • 2018 AAI Travel For Techniques Award
  • 2018 AAI European Congress of Immunology Travel Award
  • 2018 Faculty Scholarship, Summer Institute on the Future of Graduate Studies at LSU
  • 2018 AAI Early Career Faculty Travel Grant
  • PhD Cornell University
  • TCR signaling in IL-10 production by CD8+ T cells during influenza-induced lung immunopathology, NIH/NIGMS: LSU-Center for Lung Biology and Disease,
  • GCN2 signaling in pathogenic and regulatory T cell development in allergic airway inflammation, NIH/NIAID,
  • A novel murine model of allergic airway inflammation, NIH/NIAID,
  • Itk signaling and Type 1 regulatory T cell differentiation and function in allergic airway inflammation, NIH/NIAID,
  • ITK signaling in type 2 innate lymphoid cell-mediated pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis, LSU-SVM, Competitive Research Program (CORP),
  • T cell signals in immune balance and host survival during T. gondii infection, NIH/NIGMS: LSU-Tulane Center for Experimental Infectious Disease and Research,
Journal Article, Academic Journal:
  • HDAC11 regulates type I interferon signaling through defatty-acylation of SHMT2., Cao, J; Sun, L; Aramsangtienchai, P; Spiegelman, N; Zhang, X; Huang, Weishan; Seto, E; Lin, H, 2019, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America , Volume: 116, Number: 12, Pages: 5487-5492
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