Dr. Clare Scully
Associate Professor
Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS)
(225) 578-9500

In 2005, Dr. Scully left Ireland and a career in public relations to apply to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine (UTCVM). Dr. Scully was accepted in 2007 and spent five years at UTCVM graduating in 2011 and completing a food animal internship in 2012. During this time, she realized her true interest was theriogenology. She completed her theriogenology residency and a Masters of Veterinary Sciences degree at Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015. Dr. Scully achieved board certification in theriogenology in 2016 and is currently on faculty as an assistant professor in the food animal medicine and surgery department at the Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Bovine advanced reproductive techniques, pain management and surgery are her specific areas of interest.

Teaching Interests:
Food Animal Medicine/Herd Health Food Animal Theriogenology

Research Interests:
Pain Control in Food Animals Ram Lamb Fertility Feral Horse Sterilization

 Awards & Honors:
  • 2021 Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll
  • 2020 Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll
  • 2020 Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll
  • 2019 Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll
  • 2018 Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll
  • 2017 Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll
  • 2014 Emerging Leader Scholoarship
  • 2014 Food Animal Incentive Award
  • 2013 Food Animal Incentive Award
  • 2011 Bascom Cooksey Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine
  • 2011 Dr. Keith D. Sidorsky Memorial Award
  • 2011 Intern/Resident Award for Professional Excellence
  • 2011 Russell E. Leed Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine
  • 2011 Tennessee Livestock Award
  • 1998 Certificate of Academic Excellence
  • 1998 President’s Medal for Scholarship Award
  • MS Oregon State University
  • DVM University of Tennessee
  • M.A. CUNY Hunter College
  • BA SUNY Old Westbury
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  • Assessing the ocular microbiome in bovine infectious keratoconjunctivitis., VCS CORP, $4,000.00
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  • The pharmacokinetics of morphine in goats by three routes of administration, LSU CORP, $4,952.00
Scientific Abstract:
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