Dr. Brent Stanfield
Pathobiological Sciences (PBS)

I am a Research Assistant professor in the department of Pathobiological Sciences at Louisiana State University.

Teaching Interests:
During my graduate and postdoctoral training I’ve had the opportunity to mentor high school, undergraduate, graduate, veterinary students, and medical students in the development and pursuit of independent research projects. Many of these students have gone on to continue in research and in the future, I plan to take an active role in mentoring the next generation of academic scientists. This past semester I've had the pleasure to teach the vaccines and vaccinations section of the veterinary immunology class at LSU-SVM.

Research Interests:
My long-term research goals focus on the translational aspects of basic biomedical research. My past research has particularly emphasized the utilization of various animal models to understand the complex relationship between a live attenuated herpes simplex vaccine (VC-2) and the vaccinated host. This work has given me a strong background in herpes virology, immunology, molecular biology and hands on experience with diverse animal models (mouse, guinea pig, rabbit, and primate). My postdoctoral training has expanded my experience as a translational immunologist. In particular my research focuses on understanding the immunomodulatory role histone deacetylases play in the acute immune response to pulmonary infection with gram-negative bacteria. Training in animal models of acute lung injury, bronchial alveolar lavage, surgical techniques, immuno-histology, bacterial genetics, and protein engineering. My current projects aim to understand the tissue specific role of histone deacetylase 3 in the long term expression of SERPINE1 following recovery from acute respiratory distress syndrome/acute lung injury.

  • AM211158, Ximus Biosciences, LLC, $3,857.00
  • Preclinical Testing of an Adenovirus Vectored Vaccine to Treat CMV+ Breast Cancer, NIH, $50,000.00
  • LIFT-14A-03, Louisiana State University, $50,000.00
Journal Article, Academic Journal:
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