Dr. Bonnie Boudreaux
Associate Professor
Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS)
(225) 578-9600

 Awards & Honors:
  • 2019 Dean's Merit Honor Roll
  • 2018 Dean's Merit Honor Roll
  • 2017 Dean's Merit Honor Roll
  • 2016 Dean's Merit Honor Roll
  • 2015 Dean's Merit Honor Roll
  • 2014 Dean's Merit Honor Roll
  • 2013 Campus Federal Teaching Enhancement Fund
  • 2013 Dean's Merit Honor Roll
  • 2012 Dean's Honor Roll
  • 2011 Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll
  • MS Auburn University
  • DVM Mississippi State University
  • BS Mississippi State University
  • Targeted transcriptome characterization of canine hepatobiliary neuroendocrine tumors, VCS CORP Grant , $4,000.00
  • Effect of amantadine on quality of life in chronic feline cancer pain, International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management, $5,000.00
  • Examining the Efficacy of CM101 as a Primary and/or Adjuvant Agent in the Treatment of Canine Solid Tumors, Pilot Study, Tumor End, $137,160.00
  • Sodium Channel Blockade with Electromagnetic Stimulation for Cancer Therapy: A Safety Study in Dogs and Cats, Oleander Medical Technologies, $38,881.00
  • Characterization of CCNU-induced Liver Injury in Healthy Dogs, VCS CORP Grant,
  • Prospective Analysis of Liver Function Tests in Client-owned Dogs Receiving Lomustine, VCS, $4,000.00
  • Ultrastructural morphological diagnostic characterization of mast cells in lymph nodes of dogs diagnosed with mast cell tumors, Summer Scholars,
  • Retropharyngeal Lymph node evaluation in canine head and neck tumors, ACVIM Foundation, $13,496.25
  • Evaluation of ultrasound elastography in the differentiation between normal and abnormal sentinel lymph nodes in dogs affected with neoplasms, AKC ACORN, $6,028.56
  • Prognostic Value of Baseline Absolute Lymphocyte Count and Neutrophil/Lymphocyte Ratio in Dogs with Newly Diagnosed High Grade Lymphoma, Department Research, $0.00
  • Evaluation of ionized calcium in dogs with lymphoma, Departmental Research, $0.00
Journal Article, Academic Journal:
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Journal Article, Professional Journal:
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Scientific Abstract:
  • Treatment of exuberant granulation tissue in an umbrella cockatoo (Cacatua alba) with strontium radiation, Tully, Thomas; Rockwell, Kelly; Looper, Jayme; Boudreaux, Bonnie, 2019
  • Treatment of exuberant granulation tissue in an umbrella cockatoo (cacatua alba) with strontium radiation, Rockwell, Kelly ; Looper, Jayme; Tully, Thomas; Boudreaux, Bonnie, 2019
Journal Article, Public or Trade Journal:
  • Case Reports from the LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital: Feline Osteosarcoma, Ryan, Kirk; Boudreaux, Bonnie; Bigio, Astrid, 2013
Magazine/Trade Publication:
  • Novel Therapies and TK Blood Test Help Advance Lymphoma Treatment, Boudreaux, Bonnie, 2011