Dr. Rose Baker
Assistant Professor
Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS)
(225) 578-9500

Dr. Rose Baker is an assistant professor of equine internal medicine. She completed a residency in large animal internal medicine at Oregon State University in 2017 and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine shortly after. She joined the faculty of at Louisiana State University in 2017.

Teaching Interests:
Clinical and Communication Skills | Equine Emergency Triage and Management | Neonatal Intensive Care | Equine Neurology

Research Interests:
Clinical applications of lactate measurement | Equine Critical Care Therapy | Pain Management in Large Animals | Veterinary Education

 Awards & Honors:
  • 2021 Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll
  • 2020 Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll
  • 2020 Innovation in Teaching Award
  • 2019 Dean's Teacher Merit Honor Roll
  • MS Oregon State University
  • Resident Oregon State University
  • Clinical Fellow Oregon State University
  • Intern North Carolina State University
  • BVMS University of Glasgow
  • BA Johns Hopkins University
  • How does distribution of clinical skills instruction impact learner cognitive load and skill retention? , LSU SVM Education Research Fund, $4,800.00
  • Is “one session, one skill” always better? The impact of number of skills taught per clinical skills laboratory session on learner cognitive load and skill retention. , Southeast Veterinary Education Consortium, $2,480.00
  • In-vitro assessment of antivirals for use against Bovine herpesvirus-related ocular disease, USDA, $7,500.00
  • Measuring the Level of Agreement between a PCR, Standard Saline Agglutination, and EldonCard methods for blood typing of pet pigs, CORP Grant, $4,000.00
Journal Article, Professional Journal:
  • The effects of bit chewing on borborygmi, duodenal motility, and gastrointestinal transit time in clinically normal horses, Patton, Molly; Baker, Rose; Leise, Britta; Andrews, Frank, 2022, Veterinary Surgery
Journal Article, Academic Journal:
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Scientific Abstract:
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Research Report:
  • Effect of topically applied Saccharomyces boulardii on the healing of acute porcine wounds: a preliminary study, Partlow, Jessica ; Blikslager, Anthony; Matthews, Charles; Law, Mac; Daniels, Joshua; Baker, Rose; Labens, Raphael, 2016