Dr. Ashlyn Harmon
Comparative Biomedical Sciences (CBS)

Journal Article, Academic Journal:
  • Inhalation of particulate matter containing free radicals leads to decreased vascular responsiveness associated with an altered pulmonary function., Harmon, Ashlyn; Noel, Alexandra; Subramanian, B; Perveen, Z; Jennings, M; Chen, Y; Penn, Arthur; Legendre, K; Paulsen, Daniel; Varner, K; Dugas, Tammy, 2021, American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology , Volume: 321, Number: 4, Pages: H667-H683
  • Cytotoxic Activity of the Mesoionic Compound MIH 2.4Bl in Breast Cancer Cell Lines., de Amaral Mascena Costa, L; Harmon, Ashlyn; Aguiar Coelho Teixeira, A; de Cássio Silva Lima, F; de Sousa Araújo, S; Del Piero, Fabio; da Diógenes Silva Souza, H; de Filgueiras Athayde Filho, P; Alves, Junior, S; de Mascena Diniz Maia, M; Wischral, A; Adrião Gomes Filho, M; Mathis, J. Michael, 2020, Breast cancer : basic and clinical research , Volume: 14, Pages: 1178223420913330