Dr. Arthur Penn
Comparative Biomedical Sciences (CBS)
(225) 578-9889

Teaching Interests:
VMED 5126: Cell Biology to 1st year SVM students as part of their introduction to "One Medicine" (Course participant). CBS 7108: Critical Analysis in Molecular Biology/Medicine--The goals of this course are to enable PhD candidates in Biomedical Science programs to gain experience in and become comfortable with interpretation and formal presentation of scientific data to diverse and critical audiences (Course Director). CBS 7104: Biomedical Cell and Molecular Biology: graduate level cell and molecular biology (Course Director). Responsible Conduct of Research: (How to keep from destroying your career before it gets started). 8 hours in Introduction to Research (VMED 7004); required course for all SVM graduate students. Includes other vital information not generally taught in formal courses.

Research Interests:
We study cardiovascular and respiratory system responses to air pollutant exposures, particularly to second-hand smoke, electronic cigarette aerosols and petrochemical combustion products. A recent focus has been on the relationship between in utero exposure to these pollutants and subsequent adult cardio-respiratory responses. We use molecular biology, microscopy (light, fluorescence, ultrastructural), analytical chemistry and immunocytochemistry techniques to investigate the mechanisms underlying the pathologic and functional responses to these environmental exposures.

 Awards & Honors:
  • 2018 Distinguished Research Scholar Award
  • PhD University of Pennsylvania
  • AB Columbia College
  • Lung physiological, cellular and molecular toxicity induced by electronic cigarette in mouse models of in utero and adult exposure, Louisiana Board of Regents, $139,752.00
  • Effect of third-generation electronic cigarette design features on aerosol constituents and pulmonary toxicity in vitro and in vivo, NIEHS/FDA, $146,695.00
  • Molecular Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches to Chronic Diseases Resulting from Inhaled Toxicant Exposures, State of LA, Board of Regents, $267,000.00
  • Cardio-pulmonary responses in mice following inhalation exposure to environmentally persistent free radicals, Louisiana Biomedical Collaborative Research Program (LSUHSC and LSU), $50,000.00
  • Mitochondrial-nuclear interaction in CVD susceptibility, NIH Subcontract to UAB #2, $271,232.00
  • Developmental Toxicity of Weathered Oil-in-Water Emulsions in Fish Embryos, Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Research Program, $51,659.00
Journal Article, Academic Journal:
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Book, Textbook Chapter:
  • 1,3-Butadiene and Cardiovascular Disease, Section IV: Mechanisms of Xenobiotic-Induced Cardiovascular Toxicity, Penn, Arthur; Snyder, C, 2010, Publisher: Elsevier